Strange Star Tessellation

I spent a lot of time at work trying to suss out the pattern for this design. I'm not sure too whom it belongs. Maybe Origami Yonca. Maybe Marjan Smeijsters.

I got  close a few times. But too many distractions and interruptions hindered the process.

When I was able to really focus, I discovered it was very similar to a design I had already done. It used the same process that I had used to create my ringing bells tessellation.

At last the technique came back to me. It's a relatively knew way of folding for me. Rather than twists. It's more of a compression.

The overall composition has a lot in common with flagstones, but rather than using rear side triangle twists to reconcile the front, it relies on the geometry of the grid to compactify and nestle the shapes close to each other.

Given a little quiet time, I was able to work it all out. It's an unforgiving technique. You need pretty sturdy paper. So even though I was able to map the crease pattern, it took more time before I was able to fold it.

My first attempt on thinner paper gave me the crease pattern, but I was not able to successfully fold it.

For my second attempt, my papper is only marginally better... so my grid is smaller. So less repetitions.

The second pic is a a back light of the front of my fold.

The third pic is the front unlit. Forth is rear unlit. Last is rough crease pattern. 


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