Wedding Rings Origami Tessellation

This one came to me after seeing and working on some other people's  similar, but different tessellations.

There's this technique of folding toward and under or over a grid shape. It may have a name. If it does, I don't know it.

It creates different possibilities from  classic twist folds. That's the method I used here.

Small triangles and small rectangles overlap each other to form hexagonal rings.

If you have a fairly sturdy paper, it's not too difficult to fold. It takes some time though. It's slow going. A lot of little detail work.

The second photo shows the rear of the tessellation. This should give some further insight into the structure should you choose to attempt it.

I don't have a crease pattern. I drew it for the first time on the sheet I folded for the result. It's not a complicated structure. It didn't require testing and planning.

I started with a small triangle at the center. Then rectangles off of those points. Repeat to fill grid.  Hexes naturally from.


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