Fujimoto Flower Tessellation

I saw an image of this tessellation on flickr. The image I saw was of a much higher density. Double the repetitions of my fold. I would love to find out how that folder did it. They must have employed a different technique than I used.

I used my knowledge of the fujimoto hydrangea to figure out the crease pattern. I mapped that out, modifying for the desired result. Then I just went ahead and treated it as a crease pattern and collapsed everything in unison.

Now, I know, when you normally fold hydrangeas or clovers, you do it in stages. It's not a collapse. It's a series of folds that add up to something.

If it's possible to fold this in stages, I didn't find it. I just worked the paper gingerly until it eventually yielded to my persistence. But there's no way I could've done a much higher density that way without some kind of incredibly resilient paper.

Any insights would be appreciated.


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