Intersecting Arrows and Octagons Behind

So, I found the crease pattern for this on google. Whose it is, I'm not certain.

I was drawn to it because it seemed pretty straight-forward, but it was actually really difficult to fold. I'm sure my paper didn't make it any easier. It was probably too small and probably not the best density. The first time I folded this, it was good on the front, but terrible on the back.

At that point, I felt that I understood it well enough to do a much better version. The second attempt did come out much better, but really wasn't much easier.

I really like this pattern. Pointed rectangles on the front. Octagons on the back. It's simple in theory, but complex to execute. Very elegant.

All those fiddly little diagonals seem to wreak havoc on my paper. Honestly, I think it just needs bigger paper. That would probably make all the difference. Or a much sturdier paper.

But I pressed onward and was able to complete a second attempt with a pretty good result.


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