Window Panes Tessellaton

I had found a tessellation and crease pattern on flickr that I was curious to fold. I did fold it. Twice. This isn't it. More on that next time.

This is the pattern it inspired me to create. It's probably nothing new. It's pretty obvious to the grid. Nevertheless, it was new to me.

It's full on winter weather here in the northeast, so my photos are not lit the way I would like, but next  springtime is distant dream. So we persevere.

For a change of pace, I've been working with a square grid rather than my favored triangle grid. I find square grid tessellations of any real complexity more difficult to fold. Everything seems to happen in a much smaller space and is nestled so close together. And they always seem to need way more preceases.

Even with a clear and perfectly feasible plan, there's quite a lot of struggle to get the paper to do what I want it to do. Maybe that's just my inexperience with square grid tessellations.

This one, however, is somewhat less nerve-wracking and still has a pretty nice end result.

It's just connected diamonds. They connect in such a way that little square window panes are formed between them. It's dealer's choice as to what pattern you want to create with the overlapping points.

On the reverse side, you can see that you get a field of squares that are closely packed.

I've included my crease pattern as well. 


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