Snowflake Treasure Tessellation

I was googling for new origami tessellation ideas and came across Ben Parker's snowflake design. I was going to attempt that, when a related image caught my eye. I think he called it "Hidden Treasure". It was a little more complex and really piqued my interest.

Second only to coming up with my own tesses, one of my favorite past times is trying to figure out how to fold those of others.

This one wasn't too difficult to determine. The front shapes were obvious. Some hexagons at the center of the 'snowflakes'.

I thought at first, triangles on the back for the negative space. As I began putting it all together it became obvious that it was not triangles. It was that blunted corner triangle that follows the grid. The same shape featured in this tessellation.

Those shapes land on the rear of the paper to create the negative space triangles on the front and make everything else synchronize nicely into a flat fold tessellation.

It's a beautiful design. Wish I'd thought of it.

Glad I had the opportunity to figure it out and fold it.


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