Natural Rhombus Flowers Tessellation

I recently did a tessellation that used the smallest natural rhombuses in a triangle grid. I can't believe this hasn't occurred to me sooner.

If you're familiar with triangle grids you know that two triangles form a rhombus natural to the grid. These are the rhombuses that were used in this design.

There are small hexes on the rear center of the rhombuses. There are also small hexes on the front surrounding the rhombuses. Some triangles on the rear as well to make it all work.

It was moderately difficult to execute. Mostly just because it caused the paper to curl up a lot. The folds weren't difficult, but seeing what you were folding was.

When I search for tessellations and crease patterns I don't come across ones like this.

It's similar to a flagstone with a less complicated rear. Everything on the front flows together without much issue other than the fact that there is a lot of overlap in the background.

Some people must have come across this possibility before me. So why haven't they posted it? Perhaps they have and I didn't realize it from their photos.

At any rate, this opens up new avenues to warping the paper. I've always been drawn to using the natural folds of the grid and this discovery is enlightening.


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