Close Knit Teardrops

Everything feels like chaos right now. It's a scary time to be alive. We all deal with that in our own ways. One of the ways I deal is with origami. When immersed in folding everything else about the world and myself falls away. There is only the paper and my desire to coax it into the shapes that make it art.

I've done a few tessellations that are what I refer to as faux flagstones. They have patterns similar to flagstones, but they are folded along the natural structure of a triangle grid and don't require any special manipulations on the reverse side.

I'm sure this techniques has been explored before now, but it's relatively new to me.

This tessellation is a teardrop shaped example of that. I believe I saw a photo on google of Ben Parker creating the same design. So I just sought to reproduce it.

These types of designs are fairly easy to fold and great for those looking to better understand tessellations as a whole.

A short while back, I did one using the really small rhombuses of the triangle grid and am confident there are more patterns to be harvested from that technique.

I look forward to exploring that in the future provided that our society doesn't completely collapse.

Keep folding all.


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