Parker's Snowflakes

I'm fairly certain absolutely no one cares about origami tessellations right now.

Nevertheless, distractions are useful coping techniques.

This is another Ben Parker design that I decided to attempt. It was a pretty straight-forward pattern. Nothing terribly tricky in the structure itself.

It wasn't easy to fold though. It wasn't super difficult, but it was pretty finicky.

This style of flagstoning really interests me. The way all the shapes nestle together into almost impossible configurations.

I just love it.

It's also striking how beautifully flagstones show up in backlight.

Another thing that's always amazed me about origami tessellations is how the reverse side can be as stunning and sometimes more stunning than the front side.

The second photo is a backlight of the rear.

I like to figure these things out on my own if I can.

Most folders do.

Still, I kept a crease pattern sketch for those that might want it.

It's down below.


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