Corona Stars Origami Tessellation

I was fiddling around with triangle and rhombus twists again. Oh, rhombus twists, how you fascinate me.

I'm a little lost since work closed. Coronavirus sucks! I do some of my best origami there. But the muse beckons just the same.

I landed on a nice triangle based tessellation that is new to me.

Three rhombuses off of a triangle. Repeat. They eventually come full circle to create open back hexagon twists on the other side.

Quite accidentally, the backlit pic of this tessellation reminds me of the coronavirus. It was not intentional. At least, not on a conscious level.

It didn't look that way as I was working on it. But the camera often shows a different view than the human eye sees.

If you look carefully at the center you can see the initial triangle and the triad of rhombuses that emanate from it.

The unlit photo below shows a very different view of the same tessellation.

It's nothing ground breaking, but it's a pretty nice finished product.


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