Windmills Origami Tessellation

After some struggles, I've come up with a new design. New to me anyway. It's typical of my style - close together and circular.

I've learned that I create and fold origami tessellations much more relaxingly and skillfully at work than I do at home.

Better lighting. Better desk/seating. Less distractions.

Since the corona virus I've been furloughed from work for several weeks. So I've been doing some origami at home.

I can't just stop. You may as well ask me to stop my heart from beating.

So I sit at my kitchen table and grumble and complain as I work the paper that normally bends so easily to my will. Eventually, the paper relents.

I almost exclusively use a 32 pleat grid because I use somewhat small paper. I also have very small fingers. Even small paper is no mean feat to fold. So I try to come up with patterns that can repeat nicely within those constraints.

This pattern was easy enough to conceive and tessellate. It was not, however, easy to fold. It seemed so simple and yet, though the center was easy, all the repeats were quite difficult. Still, I loved every minute of it.

The other side for reference.

I do have a rudimentary crease pattern. It doesn't show the direction of the folds, but if you combine it with the images of the finished model you can determine genders.


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