Roadmaps Origami Tessellation

I had the idea for this one pretty easily, but for some reason, tessellating it properly gave me a lot of grief. I just kept doing it wrong. I messed up the first attempt and also the second as well. On the third try it finally clicked. 

It's been crazy lately, for everyone. I'm no exception. 

It's comforting to keep doing some of the things that you've always done. 

I keep wondering when, if ever, life will return to normal. And what that new normal will ultimately turn out to be. 

It feels like we need to reconsider our priorities in the face of all this adversity. We keep trying to stop the changes. But the changes aren't stopping. We keep trying to beat the virus, but it's still winning.  

The intentions are good, but it's time to consider a different approach. 

Humans, Americans especially, like to think that we're at the top of Earth's hierarchy. We prefer to win at any cost. Perhaps, that's no longer an option. 


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