Hungry Rhombuses Origami Tessellation

There's a variation on classic flagstones that doesn't use triangle twists on the rear. Instead, it's a tucking in of the space around the foreground shapes. I've folded several examples of this technique in models originally designed by others. It's a pretty difficult way to fold, but it does open up a new array of design possibilities 

This design uses that technique to closely nestle rhombuses in rings around open back hex twists. The hexagons and the rhombuses are the only two shapes. No triangle twists are required on the backside. 

Super hard to fold on average weight paper that isn't very large. I wasn't really confident I would actually be able to complete the model, but in the end it did finally come to fruition. 

When folding in this style you'll benefit a lot from a blunt, yet pointy tool of some sort to tuck the paper under itself. I use a metal nail file. 


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