Origami Tessellation :: Ferris Wheels

I just sorta stumbled upon this tessellation pattern. It's typical of me. It's much too closely packed and difficult to fold properly. 

It actually started out really promising and then I brought my paper home from work and it suddenly went to mush. I'd barely even started the folding process. All I'd done was the center module. 

I put the paper in the freezer overnight to see if that would dry up some of the moisture and firm it up. It did help a little. Just enough to squeak by on getting the pattern folded. 

This is a tessellation that would probably best be done  in the dead of winter at 0% humidity. It would also benefit from a very resilient paper. 

But in the end, you work with what you have and you press onward with your ideas. Creation is a powerful driving force. 

I'd like it to be neater, but I'll take it for now. 

I have a crease pattern sketch for those who might want it. 


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