Parallelograms Origami Tessellation


I've been sticking with the parallelogram shape that I learned from the gatheringfolds website. The photo I found there had four different variations on this shape.

So this is another. I really like this one in particular. It's simple, elegant and yet impressive. 

It's pretty straightforward once you get used to the underlying structure.

The nature of the main shape requires hexes on the back to be offset from the triangle grid. 

The parallelograms cross two pleats lengthwise and bisect one on the short sides. Small triangle twists on the rear unite the triads. 

It's helpful to draw the pattern out on a piece of triangle grid printed paper beforehand. It really makes it easier to understand. 

Large hex twists form as you work the repetitions. .  They occupy the area of the grid between two pleats wide and one pleat wide. I have a crease pattern that I drew, but I'm not sure it's appropriate to share as gatheringfolds is a for profit website.  


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