Tic Tac Toe Tessellation


I saw this tessellation on reddit that was just diamonds nestled together with no spaces between then.

Being in the mood for something less mentally taxing, I decided to go for it. The folder had uploaded a really nice picture and it was easy to see how it had been executed. 

The thing about square grid folds is that they are all pre-creasing. By the time you get to the actual folding and collapsing there's very little left to do. 

Whether or not tha tis good or bad is personal opinion. 

In my version I went with a lower density. My paper really wouldn't allow for anything more.

I folded some of the corners differently to get two different sizes diamond shapes instead. But it's the same design. If I were to fold in the corners of my smaller diamonds I would have the tess that inspired this. 

The gaps that appear are only because it's a backlit reverse view. Unlit there are no spaces between the squares.

It's a not too complicated design that yields a really nice finished product. 


Rashmi Priya said…
big fan of your work. You don't bother with using fancy paper yet you keep on inventing new designs. And most importantly you share the process as well. Thanks for this. Because of you I got the confidence that reverse engineering a design is not that difficult and I have folded some of your designs too.
Please share your Instagram or Flickr details so that people who come to your blog can follow you there.
alcholic poet said…
Thanks so much for sharing your experience and insights. I will take your advice about flickr. Thanks again.

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