Rolling Stones Origami Flagstone Tessellation

This pattern was kind of a flash idea that I mapped out very quickly. I did not do a test fold. I just drew it directly on the gridded paper that I used to create the final model. 

It's actually an idea I had a while back, but when I drew it out it seemed too dense a pattern to actually work. 

When I revisited the idea it was obviously the same exact density, but I decided to forge ahead nonetheless. 

I did not fold it flat. Which is something I usually try to achieve. But I had slightly sturdier paper and the three dimensional back side did not give me any problems at all. In fact, the unflattened reverse side came out quite beautiful. 

I'm certain it could actually be flattened neatly if one were so inclined. My paper, however, not quite that sturdy. 

It is open back hex twists and what I call the bell shape. They are connected by pushing under the offset edges and a single arm between them. 

This technique and the shape are fully mapped out in my dance of the triangles tessellation

It was not a particularly difficult fold. It takes some patience. But nothing extreme. 


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