Sheriff Badges Origami Tessellation

There's an odd shape in the grid that I've worked with a few times before. It kinda looks like a bell to me.

It alternates between a one pleat bisect and two pleat natural. It's a shape that lends itself to a pretty straightforward flagstone type of fold. 

On the bisected edges you push the the extra under. 

In this case I just used this one shape and repeated it. 

It was a lot easier to fold than I thought it would be. 

On the backside some very large hexagons form. 

There is a little bit of fuss folding on the back. The corners of the hexagons need to be flattened at some unnatural angles. This is easily accomplished with a pointy metal nail file. 

I don't have a crease pattern specific to this, but there's one from a similar fold that will make it pretty clear. The one for my Dance of the Triangles Origami Tessellation will illustrate both the shape and the folding technique. It just has some extra triangles in it. 


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