Dodecagons Origami Tessellation

I decided to try working with a dodecagon shape. Fiddled around with variations of it. First attempt, went with just straight up repetitions. 

It doesn't fold flat. I seem to be on an island of non flat folds lately, with no means of escape. 

Three dimensional tessellations are cool if you have the right paper, but I really don't. Still, I forge ahead nevertheless. 

A little trick that I've come up with to help finish them is using light weights over time to help convince the paper to do what I want. A few newspaper fliers and a kitchen towel overnight. Not so heavy as to crush it, but just enough force to make a mild impression. 

To create the dodecagon shapes you follow the grid for one pleat and then cross it for the next and repeat until you've come full circle. 

They are connected via the cross pleat sections in a traditional flagstone style. 

This results in smallest grid triangles on the reverse side. They do not flatten. So be prepared to fuss with them and spend time getting them to bend to your will. 


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