Panicked Hexagons

So I saw a tessellation by Matthias Schwar on flickr. He called it double triangle flowers. I liked it.

However, when I went to fold it, I realized that clean, full repetitions would not fit on a 32 pleat grid.

So I modified it slightly to accommodate my (by tessellation standards) rather small grid.

This is the result. 

I often consider what wonderful designs and patterns I might be missing out on executing because I don't go beyond 32 pleats. 

The reason that I don't is simply that I don't have large enough paper. 

I could purchase larger paper, but the idea of just using ordinary paper feels organic to me. 
If I did buy larger paper exclusively to fold more elaborate designs I would probably psych myself out worrying that I might make a mistake and waste it. 

There's also the issue of working with larger paper. It's already not that easy to work with standard size paper. I have small hands and stubby fingers. 

Pontificating aside...

All in all, a pretty frustration free fold resulting in an  interesting result. 


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