Origami Framed Stars Tessellation


Lately, I've been coming up with tessellation ideas that don't truly fit the grid and therefore don't result in a flat fold.

Three dimensional origami tessellations are nothing new to the world at large, but they are still kind of new to me. 

I've done a few. This is my latest. It turned out pretty nice. 

It combines flagstone and 3D. 

Unfortunately I was using discarded paper with a print out on it. So that distorted my photo of the bottom shape a little. 

For a long time I took the approach that  going 3D was a cop out. If I couldn't find new shapes and patterns in the paper that naturally flattened, then I wasn't really succeeding. 

But, after having stumbled into a few 3D folds, I kind of came around to the idea that they're something new and exciting. A different sort of challenge. 

Rather than grind on the same old same old, why not embrace a new experience and explore its possibilities. . 


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