Hawaiian Leis Origami Tessellation

Building off of some other recent configurations, I came up with this one. You've got the classic rhombus, the triangle and also an elongated rhombus. They alternate to form circular hexagonal shapes. 

The back side is a little tricky. There is some freeform diagonal cross creasing required. Nothing super complicated. It's not something you would want to pre-crease. It's easier to just pinch into place as you work. 

I was very conscious of trying to fit my idea into my typical 32 pleat grid as my previous idea did not. 

Been toying around with the idea of using kraft paper. This seems to be the most economical and sturdy choice for tessellators. 

The shapes in this tess are folded in the Scholz style. The points are pushed into and under the cross grid pleats of the adjacent shapes. It's a pretty popular and well documented technique. 

Reverse side folding is important and critical to effective completion of the model. 

I didn't save a crease pattern, but you can easily extrapolate one from similar crease patterns featured in this tessellation and this tess as well.

Most avid folders probably don't need any help at all. 


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