Syncopation Origami Tessellation

I've been playing with certain shapes lately and how they fit together using a few different techniques for nesting folds.

This is another variation on combining different shapes around hexagons using the classic flagstone method of nestling shapes closely together so they almost touch. 

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I started out using some flimsy paper and quickly aborted. 

I've done many similar tessellations with not too thick, not too thin printer paper. So it's definitely possible. It simply can't be too thin. 

However, since I recently acquired a bit of kraft paper I decided to see how that would do. It actually made it somewhat more difficult to fold, but resulted in a much cleaner/crisper completed model. 

Folding the reverse side of these types of tessellations is sort of tricky. Once you get into the thick of the process it becomes quite clear what needs to happen. 

A crease pattern was drawn and photographed. It should illustrate everything quite plainly. It will also make other variations of shape combinations pretty apparent. How to find them. How to construct them. Not that it's some big mystery. It's a common folding method. 

There are some other sketches bleeding into the crease pattern sketch, but the pattern is still pretty clear. 


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