Twelve Sided Cogs Origami Tessellation

So I finally bought some kraft paper to see what that's like for tessellations. It certainly made the folding process less intensive. 

On the one hand, it made folding the grid slower. I'm not sure why. However, once I had all the folds in place, the actual collapsing took no time at all. 

I'm not sure how I feel about that. 

The tedious process of slowly coaxing all the shapes into place is both my favorite part and my least favorite part. . 

This is dodecagons and rectangles.

I originally wanted to do open back hex twists with the same rectangles, but it didn't work with the grid.

The main round shape follows the same pattern as the bullet shape I've done previously. One cross grid, one with grid until a circle is formed. Both shapes are connected by flagstone style arms. 

The reverse side generates a weird trapezoid type shape.

I didn't pre-crease the reverse folds. I figured the front would sort of force them to behave. That proved true for the most part. 

There's a really confused crease pattern sketch down below. It's riddled with ideas and tangents, but it still illustrates the structure.  


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