The Devil's Tessellation

 I was going through some crease patterns that I'd saved from the internet many moons ago. I came across a few that seemed interesting. Little did I know how diabolical this one would turn out to be. Truly diabolical 

I used good paper or else it would've been a complete loss. 

Even the good paper took quite a beating in the process. 

There were multiple times when I thought it simply was a theoretically accurate tessellation that wasn't actually foldable in real life. 

However, I saw glimmers of it being possible as I stubbornly persisted in coaxing and cajoling the increasingly mangled paper into the shapes I desired. 

Several hours later, it did bend to my will. I was stunned to have finally succeeded. 

I don't remember where I found it. I don't know to whom it belongs. It was just sitting ide in my google photos when I rediscovered it. I almost wish I hadn't. But I'm glad I did. 

I cannot stress this enough. A truly diabolical fold. Next to impossible. Kudos to whomever came up with it. You're an evil genius. 


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