Puzzle Pieces

 This tessellation was inspired by the way in which a small hexagon can be folded offset from the grid creating triangles very closely surrounding it. Like in the
ninja stars tessellation.

I figured why not see how it works out if I turn those triangles into rhombuses. Sounds logical, right?

It worked out pretty nicely. 

A very straightforward construction. Completely non-irritating to fold. 

Still you wind up with a pretty picture for your not so hard work.

The negative spaces are a larger version of the shape seen in the ringing bells tessellation. If there's a name for this shape, I don't know it. I guess it's a trapezoid variant of sorts. 

I went with two pleats between where the rhombuses meet each other.

You could go only one pleat. That's how I drew the crease pattern included below.

I'm pretty sure you could even go no pleat and wind up with an even more compact version of the pseudo-trapezoid in the negative space. 


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