From the Beginning

This tessellation is straight from Eric Gjerde's book 'Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs'. I don't recall the title of the design. I just have a memory of how much I loved how it backlit. .

I folded it years ago, but had never posted it here. 

So feeling both nostalgic and lacking for any new ideas, I decided to fold it again. 

I actually first learned the fundamental principles of origami tessellations from that book. It set me off on a path where I just kept digging deeper and deeper into more and more complex folds. I'm still obsessed with the craft and always learning. So thanks Eric. 

All these years later, what once seemed such a difficult concept to wrap my head around, now feels elementary.

I banged it out in only minutes once I'd completed the grid. 

Nevertheless, It still backlights beautifully.

Another great example of how the simpler designs produce some of the most wonderful results.


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