Rolling Stones Tess

Just riffing on "Joel Cooper's Sunflower Tessellation" that I folded not too long ago. Playing around with other possible combinations of shapes. 

When I mapped this one out it was clear it would not fold flat. But I liked the idea enough that I was ready to try to do another 3D fold for a change.

Was hoping it would generate a cool design when backlit. This is subjective, of course.

But here are the results. 

So it's a classic circle of triangles with a small hex twist on the reverse side. 

Then where the sunflower tessellation employed rhombuses off of that, I wanted to do open back hex twists. 

Because the design doesn't flatten the backlit images show odd shapes that don't match up with the what you would expect to see.  

My crease pattern drawing is included below. 


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