Bridged Triangle Vortexes Tessellation

 The classic six triangles twisted around a small hexagon on the reverse is a cornerstone of tessellating paper.

In this case, I just added a little rectangle and then repeated the six triangle module.

Some blunt cornered triangles form in the negative space. 

Whenever I fold this type of tessellation I'm always reminded of Robin Scholz's videos where he effortlessly folds the same type of configuration piece by piece. 

The paper always seems to behave exactly as he wants. 

As much as I try to do it that way, it never works. I always end up with a completed center that starts to come undone as I work outward.

I wind up partially folding the rest and then pushing it altogether as a whole. . 

Nevertheless, regardless of the method, I'm still pretty pleased with the end result. 


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