Solving Arseniy K's Crows Having Fun Origami Tessellation

 Still deep into my fascination with Arseniy K's tessellations, I set about reconstructing his "Crows Having Fun" model. 

A few  false starts later, it coalesced for me and I had the crease pattern ready to fold. 

It was a nice fold. It wasn't too hard. It wasn't too easy. It was just right.

It fits perfectly on a 32 pleat triangle grid. 

Those odd little beak shapes circle around large hexagons. Triangles negotiate the spaces where their edges meet. 

The negative space triangles on the front are blunt cornered triangles on the reverse. 

It was actually knowing what shape would create the negative triangles on the front that led me to the solution. I started from there and worked outward on grid paper

It's a wonderful and unique design.  

Crease pattern included below. 


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