Stepping Stones Tessellation


I'm a big fan of Arseniy K's origami tessellations. I often check out his stuff for both reverse engineer challenges and inspirations for new designs. 

I was poking around on his instagram and really liked a piece that featured a trio of nested small triangles. He titled it "Crushed Ice for Cocktails". 

Figuring out the pattern wasn't too bad. However, when I went to fold it, all I achieved was a really limp, sad piece of paper that was never going to do what I had intended. 

It's a very dense and complicated crease pattern which I may attempt again sometime with sturdier paper. 

But since I already had the structure figured out, I decided to modify it a bit to make it a somewhat less intense undertaking. 

This tessellation is the result of that. 

It's a three dimensional fold. 

I thought about literally doubling everything for a flat fold, but I opted against it since it would have so little repeat on a 32 division grid.

Side note: I really need to acquire some larger paper so I can do larger grids. 

His design uses small hexes folded on the offset. I used open back hexes. Other than that, all the other shapes in this one are natural to the grid. So it didn't take much time to prepare the paper and it was a relatively easy fold. 

I have the crease pattern for his design, but I forgot to take a pic. Will add it later. 

Update: Adding promised crease pattern. This is for his original tess and not my variation on it. 


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