Trapezoid Flagstone Reverse Engineer

 The origami tessellations group at flickr is a great source of ideas, inspiration and learning. I went there the other day in search of all three. 

I saw this really nice flagstone that had just recently been posted. It was folded by 'Origami Yonca' and designed by Arseniy K. 

It's trapezoids repeating outwardly from a central circular pattern. It very much reminded me of Joel Cooper's "Just Rhombii", only with trapezoids in place of all the rhombuses. 

There was no crease pattern posted, so I set about mapping it out in order to fold it myself. 

Having folded Cooper's "Just Rhombii" in the past (with the help of his crease pattern), I didn't have much trouble determining the crease pattern for this one. 

It's a really beautiful design that I would never come up with on my own. But it was very satisfying to determine the architecture and use that to recreate it. 

I thought it was especially cool how he finished the edges. 

My crease pattern sketch is included below. I had the outer points in the wrong place at first, but tried to correct the drawing as best I could. 

Be forewarned, if you want to attempt it, it's a lot of work. 


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