Framing It Origami Tessellation

I had come up with the crease pattern for a really cool tessellation that I'd saved to my google photos. It's quite intricate. The figuring part was actually easier than I expected.

The folding part was a little more intense. I got to a point where I just had to take a step back. It was partially coalescing, but not quite. 

It has a lot of fiddly little folds that need to happen for it to work. And I was just kind of over it. 

I was glad to have figured it out from the picture of the model, but not really sure if I could actually fold it with the size of paper I was using.

It was set aside for another day. Though, it still felt like a win, since I did have the mechanics all worked out on paper. 

Moving on, taking a break from the hard stuff, I came up with something simpler just off the top of my head. An easy one was a welcome distraction. 

It's pretty basic, but an interesting pattern still. 

I forgot to take a pic of the crease pattern. Will upload it at a later date.


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