Gjerde's Negative Space Stars Variation


Decided to fold Eric Gjerde's 'Negative Space Stars'. Even though I've done most of the designs in his book, this is one I had not. 

Way back when I was first learning from his book, even after most of the structures and methods began to coalesce for me, this one still felt difficult. 

Today, it's fun and easy. 

Not to take anything away from his design. It's really interesting and not something I would ever come up with on my own. I love his ideas and his book.

It just blows my mind how many levels there are to the simple act of folding a single sheet of paper. 

It's amazing. 

I unintentionally altered it some.

Wasn't paying close attention to the valley and mountain folds in the crease pattern.

Didn't have a pic of the original finished model.

I put my hexagons and rectangles on the back side. I put the big triangle points on the front. 

Small changes, unique results. 

I guess to fold it the way he intended is still on my to do list after all. 



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