Lens Stars Origami Tessellation Reverse Engineer


I've gotten into Instagram lately. So many origami tessellators are on there. It's a great place to find ideas and inspiration. 

My latest fold is courtesy of that community. I saw someone else's fold of this and decided to see if I could figure it out. 

@cmorigami had uploaded their reverse enginneer of a fold by @gatheringfolds.

A little tricky to determine, but nothing crazy. 

A little tricky to fold as well, but again, nothing really frustrating. 

I think I've done some similar designs in the past the used the same triad config of rhombuses rotating around a triangle. 

Apparently it falls under the sub-genre of rotated grids. This term was new to me. 

It's a really interesting configuration. It doesn't seem to have a definitive creator. Apparently several people have come up with it on their own. 

It was a fun design to map out  and execute. 

Crease pattern is below. 


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