Square Grid Wreaths Tessellation Reverse Engineer

 This is a straight up reverse engineer of a model I saw on Instagram.

The fold was by origamitraces. The design was by origami.by.e

I believe the title was multiple wreaths. 

Theirs was arranged a little differently.

I used a 32 pleat square grid and went to the effort to center mine so all the margins were even. 

I don't do a lot of square grid tessellations. They feel much simpler than the hexagonal sort. 

But I'm quite pleased with this one. I was able to execute it using some neon paper I'd selected specifically for tessellating. 

I wasn't sure the paper would do what I was hoping it would, but was pleasantly surprised. 

Figuring it out was pretty straight forward. 

Collapsing it was pleasantly easy. 

There's nothing more satisfying than a simple tessellation that yields a complex result. This is a prime example of that. 


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