Inspiration Through Interpolation

 A few months ago I came across a design by Alessandro Beber that intrigued me. It was part of his series about mosque designs. 

I was able to successfully extrapolate the crease pattern, but it was one of those sorts with fiddly little folds that I tend to avoid. 

Another few months later, I began an attempt to execute it. As I was in the thick of folding it, I saw a different idea within it and created this instead. 

It begins with this idea, but I left out some elements and turned it into a curved 3-D fold. 

This is actually my first curved fold. I'm pretty pleased with the result. 

I used a 32 pleat triangle grid on kraft paper.

I do have a crease pattern sketch for his original design. His design is a flat fold. There are tiny rectangles that flatten at the intersections. That's where I veered off course and decided to go in another direction.


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