Lightning Bolts Origami Tessellation

 I saw a post on instagram by Robin Scholz, but it was actually a design by Alessandro Beber. 

It looked great and also not too crazy to figure out. So I went for it and quite enjoyed the process as well as the final result. 

Essentially it's offset hexagons and triangle twists, however, the hexagons are an offset between a first pleat and a double pleat offset. 

It backlights really beautifully. Personally, I especially like the reverse side over the front side. That's just me. 

I have a crease pattern sketch, but it's not too puzzling to discern on your own. 

It's down below for those that want it. 

I used 28 lb. printer paper, but I think a lesser weight would've worked fine as well.

If you're into origami tessellations, it's definitely one worth folding. 

Even if you're a beginner, I think it's something within reach. 


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