Stacked Stars Origami Tessellation

I was fiddling around with offset small hex twists and I stumbled into this idea. The twists graduate into star points. They fold in a dense way that almost looks stacked. 

I managed to repeat them pretty tightly. It's a little fussy to get everything to work together that closely, but it's definitely doable in a clean finished design. 

It's essential to work both sides of the paper to wind up with a neat finished product. 

I used 24 lb. neon colored printer paper. It responded well to my manipulations. 

The design is small offset hexagon twists. They layer with the points that come off of them. Hex twists on the reverse side flatten the star points and connect them to the others. 

It's common to use very fussy reverse rabbit ear folds to create points in origami tessellations. But you can use hexagonal twists on the reverse side to achieve the same result. 

I haven't seen this particular design before. So perhaps, just maybe, it's a new idea. 

Even if not, it was new to me. 

Yes, I do have a crease pattern. 


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