Gathering Folds Dancing Ribbons Origami Tessellation

 So I saw this tessellation on instagram by Madonna Yoder ( and I liked how it looked.

So I set about discovering how to recreate it. 

Upon realizing the configuration, I thought it would be very easy to fold.

First try with weak paper didn't work out. 

I realized even though it wasn't terribly complicated, it still collapsed in a way that required paper with some resistance.

Tried again with sturdier paper and it was pretty successful. 

It's not too difficult to fold, but it does need a stronger paper. All the moving parts have to spin in relative synchronicity. 

I like how the two sizes of triangles and the rhombuses interact with each other. It's not complex, but it's very pleasing to the eye. 

With her permission I'm posting the crease pattern that I drew.

It's at the bottom. 


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