Right Triangle Stars Origami Tessellation

This is a reverse engineer and fold of another design by Arseniy K. His ideas always seem to draw me in and taunt me to figure them out. 

I think I selected the wrong kind of paper for this tessellation. It seemed as if it would require very sturdy paper, but that actually made it difficult to collapse it neatly and  tightly. Nevertheless, I persevered and was able to complete the model. 

I'm tempted to try it again with slightly thinner paper to see if I can achieve a better result. But that is another day and another post. 

For now, I have my first attempt, which was moderately successful. And yes, I did draw a crease pattern. It will be included down below.

I actually was stumped for a bit with how to map this one. Looking at his finished fold, it took me a bit to realize how it collapsed. 

The trick that I had not noticed at first, was that you need triangles off the central hexagon and you pinch their edges together to create the bottom edges of the right triangles.  

Once I realized that, it was the starting point I needed to navigate the rest of the way. 


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