Understanding Origami Tessellations: Reverse and Fold Double Rhombus Tucks Pattern


This is a reverse engineer and fold of the 'Double Rhombus Tucks Pattern' tessellation by GatheringFolds. 

I follow her on instagram and I sometimes try to figure out her designs and fold them. 

This is one of those successful endeavors. 

I both love and hate figuring out other people's designs. Depending on the photos available it can be quite simple or it can be an endlessly frustrating trial and error. 

In this case, it was pretty straightforward to figure. 

To fold it on the other hand, wasn't as simple as to figure it. 

I have a tendency to assume if it's easy to figure out that it will be easy to fold. This is rarely the case. 

This tessellation requires somewhat sturdy paper. Not too sturdy. That would also be a hindrance. 

I used 28 lb printer paper in my successful attempt. 

20 lb paper did not work at all. 

I messed with edges on the back to get a clean result on the front side. 

She does tutorial videos for her designs, so I can't share my crease pattern. However if you've been studying and working with tesses for any amount of time, you should feel confident to unravel the architecture on your own. 


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