Elongated Rhombuses Flagstone Tessellation

 Flagstone tessellations are one of my favorite origami tessellations. However, I haven't done one for a while. So I was a little rusty.

This is one that I saw on Instagram. It belonged to monikahankova. 

Update: I've learned this is actually a Joel Cooper design. 

Since I liked the design, I set about discovering how to fold it. 

At the center starting point is your classic rhombus star around a small hex twist on the reverse.

I had forgotten how many triangle twists happen on the back side of these kinds of tesses. So many triangles.   

It then repeats using longer rhombuses and some large triangles on the back. 

My first attempt to map it out had an error in it, but that mistake didn't take too long to lead me in the right direction.

My second attempt was successful. 

The actual fold came out as one of the most precise flagstones I've ever folded. 

I used plain copy paper.

I really went in thinking I would struggle to execute it, but it was actually a pleasure to fold. Once I had the right diagrams, everything fell into place pretty seamlessly. 

I wasn't sure the paper would hold up, but it worked quite well. All hail a moisture free day.

As with all origami tessellations, it's a single sheet of paper that was just trimmed into a hexagon. 

It's not necessary to use a hexagon. The same can be accomplished with a rectangular piece of paper folded into a triangle grid.

I just find it easier to use a hexagon. It makes folding the grid quicker and more accurate. It also makes it easier for my stubby fingers to reach the center. 

As far as crease patterns go, I do have one. It's at the bottom of this post.

However, if you're familiar with flagstones, it shouldn't be too much of a struggle to figure. 

I stumbled a little at first, but as I said before, I'm a little rusty. 


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