Overlapping Angular Stars Reverse Engineer

 This is a tessellation by Arseniy K. I've reverse engineered a bunch of his designs. They are usually pretty tricky to figure, this one included. They're also almost always tricky to fold. This one is no exception. 

Personally, I love the challenge. 

It's a wonderful aha moment when the structure finally coalesces in your mind. 

It's a fun journey working it all out and following the clues. 

This one was made more difficult because only a photo of the front was available.

He also likes to fold overlapping designs. So some of the architecture is usually hidden. 

Nevertheless, it's a satisfying, if extended, chase to catch the prize. 

Wish I'd used sturdier paper. Not happy with some of the edges. 

Might fold it again in the future to try for a cleaner finished product. 

Crease pattern is down below. 

But be forewarned, it's not an easy one. 


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