Triangle Oblivion Origami Tessellation

 This is a crazy tessellation that I came up with rather suddenly. When it first occurred to me,  I thought to myself, there's no way I can actually fold this. It's too crazy. Seeing my diagram, it seemed like madness. 

The truth is, it is kind of insane. Basically, it's just an endless array of small triangles around small offset hexagonal twists. It's very, very, very dense. 

But actually, it wasn't that difficult to execute. 

All the triangles alternate front, then back, front then back. And so on. 

Even though I mapped it out before I began and also did a small tester, I still wasn't  entirely sure it would work until it did. 

The idea seemed kind of ridiculous. 

But in the end, it did work rather nicely and it wasn't even that hard to do.

Even now, as I look at the photos, I'm wondering how I managed to make it happen. 

Go figure. 

I haven't seen this one before, so maybe it's new. No way to know for sure. 

Of course, I do have my crease pattern sketch. It's situated down below. 


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