Triangle Roads Origami Tessellation

 This is an idea based off of classic flagstone techniques. However, instead of having everything nestled close together, like a typical flagstone tessellation, I've spread it out a little bit.

It's all small triangles on the front that are connected by your usual flagstone style arms, but there is more space between them than usual. 

Closely packed large hexagons are formed on the reverse side. 

I've seen a lot of flagstone tessellations by many different people over the years, but I haven't seen this particular usage of the connection method.

This could use other shapes in conjunction with the triangles or other shapes all together. There are a lot of possibilities. 

  Just figured I'd start with something straight forward. 

It's not a super difficult fold, but it isn't very easy either. 

The reverse side is pretty tightly spaced, even though the front is not. 


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