A Simple Flagstone Tessellation

 This is either a Joel Cooper or a Robin Scholz design. I'm not certain which. 

It's a pretty basic flagstone. Double length rhombuses on the front. Hexagon twists and double size triangles on the reverse side. 

It's possible that I've folded this before. Not sure.

Back in my early days of learning flagstone folding I was not able to produce such wonderfully neat final products as this one. 

Nowadays, flagstones actually feel easy to do. Strange how those things work out that way. 

This seems like a perfect design for someone who wants to begin trying their hand at folding flagstone tessellations. 

It's not too complicated or labor intensive and it yields a really nice end result. 

If you're already familiar with how to map flagstone tessellation you'll have no trouble plotting this. 

If you're still learning them, the crease pattern is included at the bottom of this post. 


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