Reverse and Fold of Triangle Triads by GatheringFolds

 Figuring out how to fold other people's designs is usually a fun endeavor. 

Depending on the complexity and the photos available, it can either be a delightful diversion or it can be a maddening exercise. 

But, I've learned so much taking on those challenges. 

And it feels so good to solve the tough ones. 

I did struggle a little figuring this particular design by gatheringfolds. 

It actually wasn't until I had a related idea of my own that I finally hit upon the solution. 

It's a unique design in that the front and the back are essentially the same. That's what tripped me up the most. I was wondering what the reverse side looked like, not realizing that it looked the same. 

It's small offset hexagons. The triangle twists directly off of them alternate from front to back. But instead of a straight repeat, their repetitions are connected by open back triangle twists.

Not too insanely tricky to execute, but not that easy either. 

Another thing I sometimes find a bit of a challenge is which way people twist their hexagons. 

I instinctively twist my small hexes clockwise. 

For this design she twisted counter-clockwise. 

So I had to go in what felt like the wrong direction. 

I don't come across this often. But when it happens, I often wonder, does everyone have a natural way they twist? 

I always twist  small hexagons clockwise given the choice. 

Yet open back hexes I always twist counter-clockwise by default.

Triangle twists, I go both ways. 

Which way do you naturally fold your twists?


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