Triangle Universe Origami Tessellation

 In my previous post I did a tessellation around small, offset hexagonal twists that arranged all the triangle twists around the hexagons in an alternating pattern of front/back, front/back.

This is another experiment with alternating triangles in that same front/back sequence.

In this case, there are small triangle twists on one side of the paper and open back triangle twists on the other side. 

Both this tessellation and the one from the previous post were kind of inspired by a design I saw on Instagram by Madonna Yoder @gatheringfolds. I really liked how she did triads of triangles connected by larger triangles. 

Didn't even realize until later, when I went to solve that design of hers that I had already partially solved it creating these two tessellation. 

Makes sense though, I suppose. 

I've since solved that one, but haven't finished folding it. It's a post for another day. 

Don't remember if I have a crease pattern for this one. If I find it, I'll upload it later. 

Update/Spoiler Alert: found my crease pattern.

It's included at the bottom of this post. 


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