Twinkling Stars Origami Tessellation

This tessellation is an idea I had kind of out of the blue. I wasn't particularly trying to come up with something.

Nor did I have an image in my mind that I was trying to bring to life.

It's a pretty easy one to fold. Not complicated at all.

Starry shaped open back hexagon twists are connected by small rectangles. 

Some large triangle twists on the reverse side in the gaps. 

I've been folding/tessellating like crazy lately. 

Either I've got some new idea or else I've solved how to fold someone else's design. 

In the beginning, I used to fold one every couple of weeks. 

Then, it was one per week. 

Now, it's two or three per week. 

Guess, I'm just in the zone of late. 

Ride the wave while it lasts, I suppose. It can't last forever. 

I may have a crease pattern for this one somewhere. Not sure. If I find it, I will upload it. 


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